Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebrated with friends and family on both sides of the Tyrrell Jrs! The week kicked off with extra-cold weather which made me cancel the last of the riding lessons that hadn't already been cancelled due to the holiday weekend. As a result, my horses and I got a much-needed week-long break from teaching. I spent my down-time catching up with family, including my sister who was visiting from out-of-state.

We spent Thanksgiving at my mom's, then journeyed across the street to a Thanksgiving party that my childhood best friend's family was holding. I got to catch up with several people from my childhood, then we traveled to the Davi pad for more family get-together time.

Cousin Miranda and Lilah get their pilgrim-groove on:

Lilah liked the turkey! Yum, yum!

The master chef and Paco!

Nick carved the turkey while Michelle looked on. Starting a new tradition perhaps?
Unfortunately my sister had to leave town a day early to beat out the arrival of a new snow storm, but as a result we got all ready for Christmas by the time Thanksgiving weekend ended. (The lights look much better in person, and it was nice to have Nick's help this year with the lights!)
We took Lilah to a Christmas tree farm, thinking perhaps we would get a real tree this year. I've been wanting a real tree ever since we bought a fake one. But our fake one looks just as great as a real tree and is low cost and easy maintenance. Once at the tree farm, Nick and I decided not to pay the high price of a real tree (it would have been over $75) so we left the farm telling Lilah that Daddy would come back later for it. Later I took Lilah grocery-shopping while Nick pulled the fake tree out of the attic and set it up in the living room. She doesn't know the difference. And neither do our house guests who usually ask if it's a real tree or not!
Sorry we lied to you Lilah. We were lying about the Santa thing too.

The beautiful tree Lilah picked out. It's probably still standing there....

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