Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zoolights 2010

This holiday season, (I'm blessed to say), is going much better than last! I don't think I could ever describe in words what it feels like to have your spouse going through cancer one holiday season, and the next to have it be a distant worry! Last year I went to the Zoolights by myself with my girlfriend and her family because there would have been no way Nick would have made it through the lines, onto the train, -- let alone just getting into the zoo! This year, we went to the Zoolights again (with the same girlfriend Andrea too!), this time with Nick in tow! We've also been taking advantage of as many other holiday traditions as we can, and are looking forward to much celebration this year over Christmas!

The fam on the train ride:

Group shot of Nick, Mark, and me with the kids Zander, Chloe, and Lilah!

Another group shot with Andrea:

This isn't a very good picture of the Wilson family, (sorry Andrea!) but Andrea, Mark, and Zander:

Isn't Zander sucha cutie?!? Lilah has really enjoyed developing a friendship with Chloe and Zander. And the adults enjoy it too because the kids play so well together!
Now onto more holiday traditions!!

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Andrea said...

Always a good time with you glad Nick was with us this time as well! Here's to the kids being friends, and us continuing to have good times!