Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Dog (the addition??)

About two weeks ago, I walked with a girlfriend and our kids to a local elementary school where they were holding a "read and play." Along the way, I noticed a little black and white dog following us. It was very adamant about following us into the school, even after I kicked it (not literally) back outside. To make a long story short, the dog came home with Lilah and I that afternoon. Since then, I've left my information with the humane society, posted several ads on Craigslists, searched surrounding neighborhoods for missing dog flyers, scanned it twice by two different vets for microchips, even called the local Boston Terrier breeder to see if she knew of any missing Boston Terriers. To all the efforts made we have come up empty-handed. It seems impossible no one is missing this sweet little dog, but yet no one has come forward.

Meanwhile, the little dog (even with some bad behavior) has blended right into our family. We had been talking about another dog, and we're still not sure this is the right dog for us, but she definately seems to have adopted us. One of her redeeming qualities she that she is amazingly patient and tolerant of Lilah.

Her real owners have until December 19th (30 days from when I found her) to claim her, although I doubt that will happen. Nick and I would then have to make the decision on whether or not to keep her. There are some training issues to work through, but she's intelligent enough. She is now house-broken and sits on command!She doesn't bark very often, but she does snore and pass gas frequently!

The vet thinks she's about a year old and she is believed to be a purebreed Boston Terrier. Nick and I have been reading up a lot on this breed as of late....

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Erik said...

Well, it's no secret how much Lulu would like another Boston to play with when we come and visit...!!