Friday, November 12, 2010

Kate's First Show

Last Sunday I took Kate to her first show. Kate is my project horse, and while she has many positive attributes, she IS a training challenge. She's got a bossy mare attitude you can see a mile away, PLUS with her age she's going through the rebellious teenage years. I think she's going to be an amazing horse someday, but heaven help me get through the next couple of years with her!

Nevertheless, she did do amazing for her first show. (Minus cow-kicking my assistant at one point)

She was so laid-back about being posed in photo set-up that Lilah got to sit on her:

The show had four judges for each class. I went into three western pleasure classes (hence the cowgirl outfit) and got ribbon placings in two out of the three.

I also had an amazing turn-out of people to come watch. Originally I was just going to sneak over to the show by myself, then decided to ask for an assistant's help, then told the owner of the barn, a couple students, Kate's former owner, ect... and next thing I knew I had a grouping of about 15 people cheering me on. I feel like a special girl!

(Left to Right) Mckenzie, me, Lilah, Annie, Jessica, and Blake

I showed Kate under "Kiss Me Kate." Her registered name is Oklahoma's Max Factor. I think I need a show name for her!
I'd like to get her to more shows soon!

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