Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cancer-free party!!

Some pictures coming shortly about last weekend -- in the meantime -- mark your calendars!! Nick's "cancer-free" party will be April 10th at our house! It is the day after his birthday, and two days after his second post-chemo following doc appointment. We are planning an open house bash! Everyone's invited!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Wedding Weekend -- Adults Only!!

Ahhhhh.... I love being a mommy, but there are times when it's fabalous to ditch Lilah with a grandparent(s) and enjoy good adult fun with friends. When we were invited to the Program Director's (from camp) surprise wedding, Nick and I used it as an excuse to have an adult-only weekend getaway with friends.

We got stuck in Portland traffic on Friday and arrived late to Marc's new apartment in Bend (everyone has moved outta camp 'cause there's no running water). After a few glasses of wine, we all headed to the wedding:

Here's me, Marc, Jake and Carol:

The "bro-mance" continues on:

Here's two grown men making an ass of themselves:
That was the joke anyway at the wedding. We all thought it was pretty funny at the time. Guess that was the first clue to cut back on the drinking.... Which one do you think is Nick??

Carol & I with the happy bride!

My boys!

Okay, Boss. With this pinky-promise we'll all remember you promised me a raise....

And..... more wine.....

I am not posting any of the dancing pictures. Sorry. If you feel cheated (don't), I will email you some of Nick.

With the Groom.....

The next day after the wedding Nick and I hit up Hoodoo's inner-tube hill with Jake & Carol. It was a blast, and I can't wait until Lilah is older so we can take her....

The view from the top of the hill: 3-fingered Jack is hidden in the clouds!

Taking a rest:

On the rope tow. (The best part!!)

This trip was the first time in 10 years that we have traveled to Central Oregon and not stayed at the Roundhouse. Kind of a weird feeling! We stayed at Jake and Carol's new place outside of Tumalo (sooo cute), and slept in each day until 11am. It's amazing how quickly I can revert back to late nights and late mornings. Definately pre-Lilah existence!
Not only was it great to have a mini-camp reunion (there were other Camp T people at the wedding we got to catch up with) it was also awesome to have some one-on-one time with Nick.
Thank you Nana for taking Lilah for this weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

Lilah talks a mile a minute, and recently has been coming up with very interesting connections. It's amazing what she picks up on, and it's funny to hear her intrepretations! Here are some of her recent reports:

** The other day a school bus went by our house. Lilah got really excited and shouted, "A schoolbus! I need to ride on schoolbus!" To which I answered, "When you are older, Lilah. And that will make Mommy sad." (I was thinking that when Lilah is riding school buses, she'll be a big girl and won't be at home with me, sniffle, sniffle) Lilah thought about it and then said, "Mommy too! Mommy can ride the school bus too!"

** One day last week Lilah "helped" me get our horse Barry/Caesar out of his stall so he could roll in the arena. She stayed by my side and as he dropped to the ground to roll, she said excitedly, "He's rolling! He's rolling! He's rolling like a bowling ball!"

** Last night Lilah and I were watching a little bit of T.V. before she went to sleep. Barack Obama's face appeared on the screen and she said, "Baska-a-ball." Meaning basketball. I told her, "No, Lilah. That's Barack Obama." To which she responded, "No, Mommy. Baskaball!" We argued back and forth a little longer (her conversation skills have advanced to the point where she can hold her own in an arguement) and finally she said, "Barack-a-ball. That's Barack-a-ball." Hey -- my two year-old can recognize the President of the United States!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Cutest Thing EVER

Okay, I know I have typed "the cutest thing ever" more than once on this blog, but this posting takes the cake. I mean honestly, is there anything cuter than a toddler leading around a mini? Maybe not a shining moment in parenting, but still, REALLY cute!! Lilah got a kick outta this too!

If only I could collect horses.... I've never wanted a mini so badly before in my life!

To the Beach!!

Nick has been feeling well enough that we decided to take a family trip to the beach. We stayed overnight and enjoyed warmish & sunny weather! Lilah and I waded in the ocean, and enjoyed walking bare-foot in the sand. Nick enjoyed beach walking as well, being it was the first physical exercise he had done in three months! I love the ocean.....

And Lilah still loves to lay belly-down in the sand. I think I have a picture of her like this at the Sand Dunes taken over the summer....

I also love this pic of Li posing!

Lilah also LOVED the little water stream going into the ocean. She would have played there for hours if we had let her.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Girls-plus-Jake Trip

Last week I disappeared to the Roundhouse for a "girls trip", which actually turned into a "girls plus Jake" trip. :) I met up with my friend Michelle, and we hung out with Carol and Jake from camp every night. I took Lilah to see her summer-time nanny and friends, and I also checked in on the camp horses. It was lovely being in the mountains again with the crisp, wonderful-smelling air, and among great friends. I love you guys!

Oh yeah, and I got a tattoo!

I had been thinking about doing it for awhile, and I like the way it turned out. Since it's more on the inside of my arm, it's not too noticable. I might add a rose to it someday, but for now I'm going to wait.

I thought that would soften the blow to this next picture: LOL

Carol and Lilah play: (also -- to the family -- Carol and Jake are the proud owners of the old Roundhouse couch. They would like to add their names to the list of people who want the matching chair in the background)

Carol, Michelle, and an ATTACKING FISH!!

The camp horsies:

'Da babies. I love baby horses.... And both of these guys are going to need homes next winter, Nick.

The Dude!!

Jake preparing us for a night out:
One night we went bowling. Lilah joined in, and even got her own toddler-weighted bowling ball. She enjoyed played, and she also enjoyed the arcade inside the bowling alley:

Watch out! A toddler with a hitting device in her hand!

Lilah drives with Uncle Jake:

Best of all (in Lilah's mind), she got her own bowling shoes!

Oww! (But she was okay)

I did agree to keep Lilah up past her bedtime, but the evening did get later than we all expected. Lilah was ready to zonk out here: Still, she was a trooper and stayed well-behaved! :)

Michelle and I:

Lilah walks in the snow behind the Roundhouse:

Nick and I are heading over to Sisters again in the next couple of weeks for a wedding. We are planning on leaving Lilah with a sitter, so if you'd like to take her, let me know. We are looking forward to adult play-time with Jake, Carol, and Hoodoo.