Saturday, June 28, 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Ahh... The joys of home ownership......

Our house has desperately needed painting, and this summer Nick and I decided it was worth the money to just have someone do it for us. Here's a before picture .....

And after:


Okay, I've always wanted to unload a horse at our city house. I was finally inspired to really do it by a student of mine, who had me drop her horse off at her house Friday night. She was going to have the horse spend the night at her house, then be returned to LOH in the morning. I guess I got in touch with my inner child. :) Plus Kate needs the loading and unloading practice anyway....

Here's a better picture of our house with the new trim color. Looks like Kate did a good job mowing the grass down!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lilah's Walking Attempts

Well, she's not walking yet but she's getting closer and closer each day! Below is a video of us trying to get her to play her "Crazy Baby" game that Aunt Jessica helped invent. It takes her a long time to do it, but then you can see how good she is at cruising at the end of the video!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Janis Joplin's "Crying Baby"

We've all heard Janis Joplin's Crying Baby song. If I had a soundtrack to my life, that song would be number 1 right now.

Ms. Lilah has decided she can only sleep in my arms. She'll conk out, and when I go to lovingly put her in her crib, the little miss wakes up screaming. It's Baby-Insta-Awake!

L's doctor told me it's time to let her start crying it out. So, Nick and I started the process Friday night, and it's been in practice since then. We let her cry for 5 minutes, I check on her, then she cries for 10 mins, I check on her, then she cries for 20 minutes, I check on her. I have frustrations that she can't just fall asleep on her own, but at the same time I want to comfort her when she's crying. It is difficult all around.

Last night she fell asleep still clutching the side of the crib in a sitting position. (because she was too tired to stand and shake the side of the crib)

On a positive note, I do think she's sleeping better with crying it out. She definitely is sleeping longer, and that's nicer for both of us!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My first trip to Shasta, by Lilah T.

Over this last weekend, I traveled to Shasta Lake in Northern CA. The weather was cooler than usual (in the eighties rather than the nineties), but we -- er, I mean, Mommy and Daddy, -- still got in swimming, wake-boarding and biscuitting. We all enjoyed time with the family! I stayed safe in my new life-jacket from Auntie T, and I liked riding in the Davi ski boat. Below are some of my favorite weekend pics:

Mommy just about to eat it. My cousin Corbin kicked her pa-totty on biscuitting!

Our new friends ... who followed us from cove to cove hoping for hand-outs....

I enjoyed playing with my cousin (??) Katlyn!

Uncle Craig and I waiting for our house boat

Our floating luxury home

Mmmmm... food.... mmmmm

Kissing Mommy, just to butter her up so I can ....

Steal her sunglasses!

Auntie Karen with me & Katlyn

The Tyrrell Family, 6/08

Naked baby!

My first dip into Shasta lake. This water is cold Mommy!

The men voyaging out on a wake-board venture

Asleep on the ski boat

Yessir -- that's my Daddy!

My first Jerry Curl!

And here is my daddy breaking more than one Shasta house-boat rule. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cute baby alert!

We haven't posted any pictures lately blantantly showing off our kid, so here you go!! :)

The first rose of summer -- yippee!

Memorial Weekend 2008

Memorial Weekend 2008. What a trip. We drove over in pouring rain, and it rained to some varying degree all day Friday. When we arrived at the Roundhouse, we discovered Lilah had a temperature of 103 degrees. Nick and I spent the first day at Urgent Care in Bend. The doctors thought it was an ear infection, but our doctor at home later told me that a high temp for a couple days has been a nasty bug that has been going around. On top of that, the weather was pretty sketchy with rain on and off all weekend. I have never seen so much rain in centrail Oregon!

Nonetheless, my father-in-law and I managed to hit the trails every day. Nick did one 10 mile ride in an uncomfortable saddle and was done for the trip. But hey, we all had a good time. Except for maybe Lilah.....

Let us out!!

One of my RS students at her vacation ranch in Sisters!