Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend with the Willis Fam

Last weekend we had a great time with the Willis family. We kicked the weekend off with Lilah's first canoe ride. Even though it was her first ride, she knew exactly what to do!

Once in the water, Lilah was not a fan. She didn't understand why she had to sit still. She wanted to run and jump around the canoe, and once she realize she couldn't..... Needless to say, it was a short trip around the lake. Here she is in happier times. :)

Once at the Roundhouse, Chris and Tiffanie made us yummy meals ...

while Lilah & Addie "lowed" (colored)

It was great to get the girls together again. We love Addie!

The weekend weather was cold, windy, and wet, but we took the girls horseback riding in spite.
Addie enjoyed riding "Sugar", the pony I broke out nine years ago when I first worked at Camp Tamarack!

Lilah got a turn as well, and seemed to enjoy herself!

(This pony, by the way, is the same one that broke my toes while I broke her out. It's funny how horses change... She was a lot younger & crazier then! Maybe so was I?!?!? )

Family shot!

The camp's horses are boarded at a ranch in Redmond that houses its own petting zoo. We took the girls there afterwards. I love how random this picture is!

Chris, Tiffanie & Addie -- THANK YOU for coming to visit us! We miss you guys already and hopefully we'll see you soon!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


After riding in 90 degree weather and getting sunburns, Amelia, Michelle, Lilah and I returned back to camp via "the back way", which is just forest-service road all the way in from the highway. All was going well until the last fifty feet, when we started to come down the hill that still had snow on it....
Luckily, fearless Amelia knew how to put on chains...

But when that didn't work Michelle jumped in to help....

Finally, Nick had to come rescue us. He managed to get the truck unstruck, and even though we were about fifty feet from camp's entrance, he turned around and drove back to the highway, then into camp through the normal route. It was additional five miles on the truck, but well worth it.
I haven't tried the back way since.

Girls Gone Wild

Since moving, I have been very busy getting the horses and the horse program ready for summer. After working several, several days in a row (I honestly lost count) I took a little vacation when my friend Michelle came to visit. We spent two days trail riding around Central Oregon with my camp assistant Amelia. The best part -- Amelia and I were considered working on the second day, since we were conditioning camp horses! :)

My glory shot -- the hill was really that steep!

Sweet P makes a funny face

Amelia's glory shot

And Michelle's!
Picking out trails for next time....

Since moving here I've gone on three trail rides in backcountry. SWEEET!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Somebody put that kid to bed!!

Lilah is not afraid to show off. The other night she had her happy hour (right before her bedtime) with an audience of four adults. She was going crazy!!

Life is Tough....

Sunday morning dawned WARM and SUNNY. Nick and I slept in (as much as we can with a toddler), then we drank our morning coffee on the dock while we watched Lilah wade in the lake and Simon swim. After we drank our fill, we collasped in the hammock and thought on our lives.

Here's our view from the hammock:

Even Lilah got in on staring on the beautiful nature around us. Here she is in her favorite chair:

She later joined us in the hammock:
And Simon cooled off by laying down on our lakefront:

Ahhhh.... Life at the cabin.....

Did I mention our little girl is growing up?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

We celebrated Easter quickly with my side of the fam, then I drove back to our new place of residence so I could log some work hours without Lilah around. (It's been stressful trying to mother & work at the same time!) Lilah & Nick drove onto Parkdale and spent the rest of the weekend with his side of the fam.

This year Lilah really got into collecting easter eggs and putting them in her basket! She also has started an obsession with sticks thanks to her cousin Kristopher! :)

What did the Easter Bunny bring me??

So many Easter eggs, so little time.....

The best place to play! (with cousin Kris)

Springtime in Central Oregon

Yesterday morning we woke up to find this:
3" of snow at camp, and a dusting at the Roundhouse!
Today it's sunny and warm. Go figure....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank You Tom

With the slightly warmer weather, we have had enough snow melt to prompt Nick and I to take a short hike up the ridge behind camp. Here is the view from the area less than a 1/4 mile from camp:

So thank you Tom for thinking of me back when my new boss said he was looking for a new Horse Director!! We live in an amazing area!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 5 Reasons We Know We're Not in Kansas Anymore

5. We are STILL dealing with winter snow conditions

4. The local Bed, Bath, & Beyond carries western-themed decorations only

3. Our driveway is now a Forest-Service road

2. The business-men still meet in the local coffee shops -- it's just that instead of wearing suit and ties, they all wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats!

And the Number One reason:

1. There is deer poo, not dog poo, in the city park!