Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Beautiful Lilah

Words can't describe how much your daddy and I love you!!

"Beach" Day!!

Vancouver is such a great place to live. There's so much to do in the 'Couv, like going to "the beach!!"

We met up with our friends at a local city park that boosts a wonderful paved walk along the Columbia River, plus a beach front. After enjoying a stroll along the walk with our adorable girls, we played on the beach and waded in the Columbia. Simon played with anyone and everyone on the beach who would throw the ball for him (even the groups of non-english speaking people) and I got my first sun burn of the year. I can't wait to take Nick back, who still has yet to see this park....

Naomi, Lilah, and Addie

Addie and Lilah check out the wave runner while Simon scours his next play-victim

The mommies Tiffanie and Emily with the girls

Strangely enough, Addie was really into lying still so Lilah could bury her in the sand...

Here's to more sunny summer days!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Horse Show!!

Last weekend I took my kids/adults from Foundation Riding Academy ( to their first real horse show! The classes were huge, which up to twenty riders per class, which made the show schedule slow way down. The other riders were pretty competitive as well. Both factors made it a challenging first show, but we did well. One of my adult students was told by the judge she almost won first place in equitation (based on the rider's position on the horse) but took 3rd, and my teenager McKenzie beat out twenty other riders for a fifth place in her Eq class. My young seven year-olds looked great in their leadline class!

Of course, it's not all about the ribbons. The girls had fun preparing for the show and even spent the night at our house the night before. The horses were so well-behaved, and we all learned a lot about showing. I got to experience the flip side of showing by being the trainer supervising clients. I've decided it's equally as stressful! But, I am already searching for our next shows....

Alexis and Barry,

I love this picture of Sweet P. Barry's in the back w/ Marina. I'm going to get this photo-shopped and put up at the barn...

Aliyah loves Sweet P!

Paula and Sweet P.

Group shot of FRA clients, waiting and warming up!

Group shot with Barry!

Go McKenzie!!

Happy Riding!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wedding

Last weekend, Nick and I traveled to a very remote part of northern California for my dear friend's wedding. It was a wedding unlike any other, and I am so glad Nick and I took the opportunity to go. The wedding was held in a very remote part of northern California, in the heart of bear country. It was the most remote I've ever been. Here's a view on the way up:

Michelle and her now-hubby had told us to bring our truck 'cause we would need the four wheel drive to get in. We definately did the truck -- the roads were muddy, narrow, full of steep up and down grades ... The Honda never would have made it. Nick artfully drove us the two hours in and back out:

This is what our truck looked like when we arrived to the wedding:

The cabin is located above a river. Michelle originally wanted to get married on the river, but the day of the wedding this is what it looked like: Her perfect place was underwater....

The wedding was held in another family member's cabin. Here is me, Michelle, and our new friend Nikki before her wedding:

Us girls arrived to the wedding in this: (and yes, you could even see the ground through the floor)

I was stoked to finally be able to wear a new piece of vintage clothing -- a 1950s house smock. :) I love vintage clothes....

The wedding:

The male "bridal party":

The female "bridal party":

Nick and I hadn't brought Lilah to the wedding. Here's a good reason: This little boy had staked out the kegs, and even had a cup in his hand, trying to figure out how it worked!

The wedding lodge:

After the wedding, Nick and I suddenly realized the golden opportunity we had to be spending a weekend without baby. We decided to leave the wedding slightly early and enjoy some quality time together. We took our time driving back up 101 through the amazing Redwoods and we ran into a herd of Roosevelt Elk along the highway:

We stopped in Crescent City for the night, and had dinner along the marina:

Later we were serenaded by sea lions:

Michelle -- Congratulations to you and Boyce. It obvious how much you and Boyce love each other, and we were lucky to be in the presence of that. We loved visiting the cabin and will plan a return visit at some point. Thank you for inviting us and we love you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sandpoint 2010

Over Memorial Weekend the Tyrrell Jrs. visited Sandpoint, Idaho where my sister and her family live. It is always fun to get the cute cousins together! Lilah had a blast exploring all of Miranda's toys, and we all enjoyed visiting around the beautiful town of Sandpoint. We went hiking, swimming, and I even got up every morning to exercise with my sister before the girls woke up! Thanks Nicole for your yummy food and warm hospitality!

The personality picture: Lilah has hers shoved into her mouth with a mess all over while Miranda still contemplates her cupcake:

Checking out some tractors we came across in the woods: