Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Corral....

First there was three:

And then there was four:

And then there was five?!?!

My Second Childhood

It is long, hot, hard work running a 30-head horse program for a children's camp. But I've also feel like I've had a second childhood this past summer, despite being a married adult with a toddler in tow. It's moments like this picture --- galloping my once-in-a-lifetime horse bareback up a hill -- where suddenly I'm not 29 -- I'm just a girl with her horse.

Thank you for the picture Michelle. Sweet P. has been good to me.

Only in Sisters....

Take a good look at this picture! Two bucks hanging out in downtown Sisters! I didn't want to get too close, but I think I will tell my family-in-law where they should try hunting this fall....

Narrow Miss.....

The other day I was leading a trail ride with children and adults, when the nice kid-safe horse behind me passed me at a trot on the trail. On her way past me, she flew a kick at the horse I was riding, who jumped sideways and up to get away from her. Luckily, I wasn't unseated, nor did I receive the blow. Instead, "Whitey" (the horse I was riding) took the burnt of the impact.

Thanks for taking one for the team, Whitey.

Thank God this wasn't my leg:

This picture reminds me of how powerful horses can be. This is the damage from one swift kick from a small horse. Jeez....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tattler Session 4

Well, we are now in our final session of summer camp for kids. The boys session ends on Tuesday, and then it's into Family Camp time. Family camp is supposed to be very laid-back, and I'm looking forward to it, although it does mean I will be saying good-bye to some of my great staff. :(

Here are pictures from Session 4's "Tattler". This time the theme was DISNEY. The Tyrrell family had an "Alice in Wonderland" theme to go along. Lilah was Alice, and I was the Queen of Hearts (natch) ;) Nick came with his Chesire-smile, and we were good to go.

with Jiri as Mickey Mouse

Carol (aka a rockin' Snow White) and I

My staff member Megan dressed as the Little Mermaid, but then couldn't walk around so Nick carried her from place to place!

Horse Staff Pic -- Lilah included!

All Staff Picture!

Around Camp....

Pictures and videos from Camp:

Lilah and her special friend Tess from Scotland

Lilah loves playing in the mud puddles after a thunderstorm!

Lessons running in the corral:

Sweet P! Called "Sweet P dot" by the campers, 'cause camp already has another horse named Sweet Pea (spelled differently)

Jake and Nick play ping-pong after dinner every night:

Lilah and I hanging out in the lodge after dinner:

Lilah and me with Beth and Freddy-the-alligator:

Lilah's other special friend Jiri from the Czech Republic:

Ready- Set - Go!!
Dinnertime at Camp:

Running the Horses Up

For the horse lovers in the group, hope you enjoy the videos of the camp horses running up the hill for the evening!