Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roundhouse 8/10

Ahhhh..... the sweet Roundhouse... This year we just haven't been going over there that much. Maybe it's the fact that we lived in central Oregon last summer?? But it seems we have begun a yearly tradition of an August weekend with friends (to celebrate our shared anniversaries/birthdays/ect) so we made sure to get over there for that! This year we were joined by the Heimer and Willis family, plus Willis family members visiting from England. Altogether we had five children and eight adults -- a busy house!

We checked out the local fish hatchery:

and Simon lost his tennis ball (it sank!) in the Metoulis

with the Heimers (they are expecting #2!)

and the Willis family:

Back at the 'house:

and I had to take a picture of this, 'cause it fits the stereotype of British with their tea! We had four native Englanders visiting with us, and this is the first time I've ever seen this used. In its proper entireity. :)

In all the activity, Lilah sacked out. I was THRILLED to be able to have some mommy-snuggle-time. Of course, since Lilah doesn't nap anymore, we paid for this siesta that night -- Lilah didn't go to bed until almost midnight!

At Scout Lake:

The Willis family minus Addie:

I was so excited to go and wasn't let down. I'm looking forward to the next trip over!!

Texas Visit

We had a nice surprise when my sister Naomi informed us she was going to be visiting with her kids in August. Lilah loves playing with her cousins!

Ava and Lauren put on a birthday party for Dad, here's a cousin shot the night of the party:

We went to a "Sprayground" one day:

Of course fearless Lilah found the tallest thing she could climb on -- she wanted to go to the very top!

We also went to the beach. Lilah was asking tonight when she could go again with her cousins:

Group shot at the beach!

Next time it's our turn to travel to Texas!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shocking Lilah Video!!

Have I ever mentioned my daughter is fearless? These were taken at the local county fair this past weekend. We had random people specifically stop and to watch Lilah, impressed with her tiny-ness and her fearlessness. She really had fun! She went, "way, way up!!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Joe Graham Horse Camp July 2010

Thanks to the loan of reliable truck, Nick and I managed to pull off a weekend camping with friends and family. Another couple joined us, and an old college friend just happened to camp between us. We had great rides with well-behaved horses, although one trail ride we shared with marathan runners. We got the horses into water and over bridges - great positive experience for my youngster horses Kate and the Dude! We even went swimming one afternoon to nearby Timothy Lake.

The first day we rode up to Little Crater Lake, about an 8 to 10 mile ride. You had to hike in to see the lake, and they had hitching rails for the horses:

"The Dude" with Tom and Jessica Kennady and "Calina"

"Kate", Nick, "Barry", "Sweet P." and Poppa Mike

Little Crater Lake:

"Kate" and I

Back at camp....

Lilah helping Daddy build a fire:

She also enjoyed helping me feed the horses:

The Kennadys brought over a marionberry cobbler that they cooked over the fire. Yummy!
Back on the trail, Day 2

Nanny Tanny got in on the fun the second day.

Shadow-the-dog also joined us the second day for a 4 to 6 mile ride. Simon-the-dog turned around and headed for home almost immediately. Mike enjoyed riding Sweet P. both days. We all found a happy medium in Sweet P.'s side-pull bridle.

Barry faithfully carried Nick and Tania. I expect this to be his last year carrying bigger riders. In fact, I've even been thinking about retiring him completely....
Happy Trails!