Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Horse Scene // Park Meadow

Last summer after camp ended but before I moved home, a girlfriend and I went riding in the Three Sisters Wilderness area. We found the amazing Park Meadow, and spent some time galloping and bucking through the tall grass and wading through the perfect-picture-like brook.

I had never posted the pictures. So Beth -- here you go. Pirate away. ;)

I could have put this in my Ode to Oregon post:

I really could use a ride like this again. It's been pouring rain for the last two weeks and I've been super-busy and a little stressed with getting the last of the camp horses farmed out. As of tonight, I'm down to two horses (from an original 37) to find homes for. Getting the horses tuned back up and then shown to people has been taking up a lot of my time, plus I've been searching for a third lesson horse to keep up with my lesson demands. I even have been tuning up and showing two additional horses for a friend, and between teaching, riding, and showing, I've been a busy girl!
The perfect horse is hard to come by, but I recently bought a close model:

I now (finally!!) legally own "the Dude", the horse the I've had a love affair with since the first time. He is getting some trail miles under his belt this summer with a friend, but I'm looking forward to getting him back in the fall. With his gentle, quiet nature, he will be our family horse -- for Nick, Lilah, and anyone else who wants to ride. :)
I also now legally own this guy:

His owner's husband died of cancer recently. He had been diagnosed at the same time as Nick, and we grew close. I had told her if there was anything I could do to help ... and now I own her very nice , sweet-natured 15 year-old thoroughbred gelding with soundness issues. And I need to find him a loving home just as fast.

Nick should not trust me -- I left last weekend to go to Sisters, and came home owning two new horses.

Yes, the horse scene has been stressing me out lately but it is a labor of love and the rewards are great. Including this one, born just a week ago at the barn:
Of course we all missed the birth. This is Momma's first baby, and she's a great mom!

Ode to Oregon

Nick and I had recently had the pleasure of showing the beautiful state of Oregon to my southern cousin who was visiting Portland on business. After taking him to Multnomah Falls one evening, I got to reflect on what a beautiful state Oregon is, and how lucky I am to be able to visit/occasionally live-in it.

Beautiful central Oregon with Jessica H. 5/24/10

Multnomah Falls with cousin Jonathan and Auntie Michelle

Whoops, not the picture I meant to post....

And in case you don't immediately recognize this mountain, there's a wooden sign that takes up most of the picture:

Happy Travels to everyone!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Warriors

After teaching lessons AND running a successful birthday pony party on Saturday, Nick and I did a day-trip to the beach on Sunday with horses in tow. Originally just a girlfriend and I were going to go, but Nick invited himself and Lilah along, then our friend invited her boyfriend, then another friend and her hubby came along .... and next thing you know we ended up as a group of us going. The men-folk stayed behind at the camp site to man the beer and watch the kid (Lilah), while us girls toodled up and down the beach on horseback at Nehalem Bay.

The camp site which we invaded for the day:

The bestest horses in the Whole Wide World -- Sweet P. & Barry
Once out on the beach, Barry forgot he was an old horse. It was fun seeing him so lively! Beth and I took turns riding him and we had our hands full!
Jessica on Calina:

Group shot. Nothing like scaring the day-lights out of a pedestrian when you approach them on horseback to ask them if they could take a picture....

After Beth and I switched horses:

Hope to go back at least twice more this summer....

Like Mother, like Daugther

This picture should be like a blast from the past for my mom. It seems like not that long ago when I would climb into saddles placed on the back of couches and pretend I was riding. Well, it WAS about five minutes before I took this picture -- where do you think Lilah got this idea??


Anyway, I used to put saddles on the back of couches as a child as well. Thankfully any pictures my mom took then where in The Old Days when pictures came out on film and can't be easily shared on the Internet.

This saddle, by the way, is now for sale. Slightly used, but otherwise in brand-new condition....

Lilah's Little Flapper Look

Lilah just can't get enough of dresses -- whether they fit her correctly or not!!

(Exhuasted Daddy just can't keep up with the wardrobe changes....)