Thursday, October 29, 2009

the 250th Post!!

It's the 250th post! Who would have thought it would make it this far?!?!? Blogging has become something fun for Lilah to look back on when she's older. Thanks to my sisters who encouraged me to start this!

To celebrate, I am posting random recent pictures that haven't made it onto the blog yet!

Going to church with Nanny Tanny!

Lilah and Daddy at Multnomah Falls

Still loves smoothies! (Or "movies" as she says!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At the Pumpkin Patch!

Nana and I took Lilah to a Pumpkin Patch this year. Lilah loved it and we all had lots of fun. Now when Lilah sees the pumpkins sitting outside out house, she excitedly says, "Pumpkin patch Mommy! Pumpkin patch!" :) Stay tuned for more Halloween pictures to come!

In a hay bale maze:

Nana and Liah pose!

Nana shows Lilah how baby cows suck on your fingers. Don't try this at home!

Mommy and Lilah use a drainage tile as a slide!

Duck races!

Lilah got to bottle-feed this calf:

Picking out our not-so-perfect pumpkins:

Nana helps too!

Oh how the years go by.....

Nick has been blessed to not only have a strong family network, but also a strong core group of friends. Together we have all gone from socializing at college parties, to road trips, to weddings, to the births of babies, and to life beyond. We've added new friends along the way, and as of last week we have lost friends as well. As we continue forward, I have been thinking back to when I first meet Nick's group of friends, and how young we were. The years have flown by, and suddenly we're dealing with adult issues we'd rather not. And yet we will always have friends and family to stand by our side, so cheers to you! Thank you for your friendship.

In memory of Anto....

Awww.... a 19 year-old Heather. Can you say fresh-faced?

On a road trip!

The next generation?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilah and Miranda!

Since Nick and I were at camp when Lilah turned two, we decided to celebrate her birthday once we returned home. Timing worked out, and we were able to do a combo birthday party with Lilah's cousin Miranda, who was visiting from Idaho and turned 3 in September. It was a great time spent with the family, and I loved watching Lilah's excitement, especially over her new dollhouse and the helium balloons!

Good-bye Camp

Nick, Lilah and I are officially home again! So here is my good-byes to some of my favorite parts of camp:

Good-bye to beautiful scenary:

(this is early morning fog rising from the lake)

Good-bye to all the great counselors that helped us keep Lilah entertained:

Good-bye to lying in the sun on the dock:

Good-bye to constantly dirty staff and child: (trust me, this picture was taken from a "Caveman" tattler theme, and it wasn't that big of stretch to get dressed up!)

Good-bye to sunny days at a great camp:

Good-bye to crazy bosses: :)

Good-bye to the Corral:

Good-bye to our new friends: (some of whom we've seen several times since camp!)

Good-bye to daring each other to crazy tasks:

And good-bye to yummy, yummy banana splits from the Snocap!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Job for Nick

After close to 7 years of working for FNF, Nick has accepted a job offer from a different Portland-based company. He starts his new job on October 7th. Nick's new company is much smaller than FNF, and works to manage portfolios of very wealthy families worldwide. Nick will be doing pretty much the same computer programming job as at FNF, but with a 33% payraise, even after paying Oregon income tax. (It seems one of us is always paying Oregon income tax...) Nick just got back from a week in Florida, training his replacements, just in time for us to hopefully move back to Vancouver....

Congratulations Nick!