Friday, February 22, 2008

Genenitic Lines of the World's Cutest Baby

After reviewing the results for the World's Cutest Baby (see archived blog on the right) Nick thought we should include a picture of her parental units that would reflect the fine line of genes from which she springs. So without further ado, here one picture is:

Honestly, we're so hot we're going have to have at least ten more kids....

Look out Fabio & Giselle!

My secret mommy confession....

My older sisters have posted secret mommy confessions on their blogs, meaning that they share gross things about themselves that you wouldn't normally share and blame it on being too busy parenting. If you want to know what they've admitted to, you will have to read their blogs!

Meanwhile, I am going to take the plunge and admit my secret mommy confession. It's about my hair.

I haven't brushed it in a long, long time. I think it was maybe two months ago that I washed it and combed it out completely. I definately have washed it since then (I swear!!) but I can't really remember the last time I brushed it out.

My hair is so thick and long now that it takes me a chunk of time to sit and brush it out. I just don't have that chunk of time anymore and if I do, I'm too tired to deal with it. So I just put my hair in a pony-tail and go to bed. Then, when I go to work, I fix up my ponytail and go out the door.

This has worked really well for the last couple of months, and the only reason I am admitting to this now is that I recently found a huge hair knot on my head. It's about four inches long, and two inches wide. Think Bob Marley, only not as bad.

I tried getting the knot undone when I noticed it and I was unsuccessful. One of my instructors at work is very good at getting knots out of horses' manes and she's got some kind of special goo to help her untangle the knots. So, I'll be hitting her up for that goo. Of course, I'll have to tell her it's for one of the riding school horses..... Otherwise I'm well on my way to having dredlocks!


In sickness & in health

Nick, Lilah, and I have all been sick the last few days. I think I can count on one hand how many times Nick has been sick since we've been together (and it's been almost ten years...) and having us both sick at the same time and trying to deal with a sick baby was challenging. Nick called in the reinforcements (i.e. his family members) within twenty-four hours of our first sick day. We were so lucky to have Nick's mom arrive an hour and a half later from Hood River to take Lilah off our hands. Nick was already in bed when Tania showed up, and I immediately handed her the baby and went and joined him. Tania and Lilah slept downstairs that night. We slept fitfully due to our sickness, but the next morning I slept in until 10:15am! Sweet.... Nick and I stayed home from work yesterday, (that was two days in a row for Nick, which is unheard of in Nick-land) and today he took Lilah to day-care and went to work himself. I still at home -- I was hoping to teach my favorite weekly riding lesson, but looks like I'm sitting this week out. But I am catching up on some work from home, and soon I know we'll all be back on our feet!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Weekend Get-Away

Over the long weekend, Nick surprised me with a trip to the beach. It was Lilah's first trip to the beach (well, outside of the uterus anyway....) and like her parents she loved the coast! We poked around in antique shops, drank maymosas every morning, took Simon swimming in Nehalem Bay, and spent lots of time walking on the beach. Here are some pictures:

Lilah's very first time on the beach! The weather was beautiful the whole trip!

The hotel cottage we stayed in, clean before we added our weekend supplies, baby paraphanela, and a wet sandy dog to the mix....

Lilah and me

Lilah enjoying her play mat

Nick and Lilah

Nick and I joke about this picture -- we once went to a comic club where the comedian made fun of the couples that stroll around with their kid, their lab dog, and their coffees. Guess Nick and I now fit into that population.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lilah's latest party trick -- take two!

Lilah has gotten very good at sitting up. I was commenting to Nick the other day that I can't believe we're in this stage already where Baby L is sitting and grabbing things within her reach. But it is so nice that she's able to sit. Lilah is only happy laying down if she's sound asleep, so she's much happier now that she can sit upright!
I once again couldn't decide which picture I liked best, so you are subjected to all of them! /

love, Heather

Lilah wanted to add: /?8poil;/nk, i k, d .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lilah's First Horseback Ride

I'm getting to be a big girl -- I have mastered rolling over and am getting very good at sitting up. I even have now had my first horseback ride!!

This is me with "Tootsie". I liked the riding. Mommy was excited too! She said other than getting married and giving birth, getting me on a horse was one of the biggest moments of her life!

Live footage. Should we buy this horse Daddy??